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20th Oct 2014
Nummiranta & Takahahmot: "Nudistiranta" CD out NOW from sub-label FreakRoots Records! webshop

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Released 2002
Format: CDR (limited)

Cat. nr. FDCD01
EAN/UPC: n/a

01. Perrkele (Liikuta Vartaloa)
02. Uhkasakkoja Natsihipeille
03. Extrafingermagikmu to Drink
04. Sirkus Gorillés
05. Omituisten Otusten Kerho
Pitkätanhuantie (Luomuhappo Remix)
06. Huopatossu Mononen
Don't Smoke Weed Bitch
(Luomuhappo Remix)
07. Liisa Ihmemaassa
08. Vekara-Tune


Yee-ah! This is the trackershit lihasjumppa exercise experience CD for dancing! Luomuhappo's Eurogorilla 2002 Transmutation Kit includes barking mad oldskool tracker/analog synth sounds combined into cross-genre breakbeat-psy and hilarous high-octane bashing. This "The Prodigy vs. Suomisaundi on nearly lethal dose of mushrooms"-album is a true cult classic and really ahead of its time (and space), for probably the next 50 years or so. Luomuhappo's "tune-in, drop mad"-styled album features also two remixed tracks from Huopatossu Mononen and O.O.K. (Omituisten Otusten Kerho).

Sold out.