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20th Oct 2014
Nummiranta & Takahahmot: "Nudistiranta" CD out NOW from sub-label FreakRoots Records! webshop

Ostoskori on tyhjä.
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Released 27. February 2004
Format: CD + Download

Cat. nr. FDCD04
EAN/UPC: n/a

Click on track links for audio preview clips

01. Aamuvenytys
02. Fifty-Sixty
03. Hit And Run
04. Humboogie
05. 7teas
06. AivoMäyrä
07. The Audio Hustler
08. Herra Jänis
09. Kammiopärinä
10. Vipinää 0-kulmassa

Licensed by Faerie Dragon Records in 2007

Re-issue version available as CD Digipak
(UPC: 9366977745414 / cat.nr. FDREC-04)

"Herra Jänis" - full-length track on SoundCloud:

Oskari Nuotio - Music
Sju Shutanen - Sleeve design & artwork
Juha Kapiainen - mastering


Oskari Nuotio, alias Puoskari (meaning charlatan/a quack in Finnish) was introduced to the general public on Freakdance Records compilation "FDCD03". Followed by notable success, FDCD03 was sold out of stock in a few months. Freakdance Records is back in 2004 to proudly present Puoskari's debut album "The Audio Hustler" (catalog number FDCD04).

Puoskari himself is a young hilarious chap with snow-white dreadlocks and he comes from the heart of Helsinki, Finland. His influences in psy-trance music come from old 80's video games to disco and funk, making his tracks an unique mixture of the past and the future - where psy-trance is combined to other genres - and all this in a truly groovy fashion.

The disc contains more than 74 minutes of powerful tracks, and as we start off with "Aamuvenytys" (= "Morning Stretch") to make sure all the limbs and joints of those about to dance are flexible enough for the experience, we begin to move deeper into the nordic woods...

This Freakdance Records release is extra-spiced with hilarious samples and creative lunacy, making it a positively charged aural experience specifically designed for those wanting to let their minds and bodies run free in the nearest forest, or anywhere else for that matter.

Puoskari's set of fresh tracks can certainly leave the international audio tourists wondering to themselves why the Finns tend to make the weirdest and yet at the same time funkiest sounds when it comes to psy-trance. And to those in doubt, there's just one option: you have to get to know "The Audio Hustler" personally.


"This is for sure one of the funniest albums I have ever heard. Perfect for those of you who are tired of the usual psytrance, and want something full of funny sounds and melodies. Way to go Freakdance crew!"

- Trance.net


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CD version distributed by
SuperSounds (Finland)
Saiko Sounds (Hong Kong/International)
Arabesque Distribution (UK/International)


Digital distribution by
Saiko Sounds