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20th Oct 2014
Nummiranta & Takahahmot: "Nudistiranta" CD out NOW from sub-label FreakRoots Records! webshop

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Released 1. November 2004
Format: CD + Download

Cat. nr. FDCD05
EAN/UPC: n/a

Click on track links for audio preview clips

01. Greatest of Blessings
02. Vonka
03. Sossumassi Jam
04. Dixie Bitch
05. Luuloterve
06. Linnahomo (feat. Huopis)
07. Nainen
08. Ghetto-Zen Dub
09. Rauhaa Veljet
10. Haapaneitty
11. Line Out

Licensed by Faerie Dragon Records in 2007

Re-issue version available as CD Digipak
(UPC: 9366977745438 / FDREC-05)

"Nainen" - full-length track on SoundCloud:

Jere Häkkinen - Music, sleeve design & artwork
Juha Kapiainen - mastering


Behind the artist name Luomuhappo is Jere Häkkinen (b. 1982), one of the original founders of Freakdance Records. He started his musical creations in the mid-90's using a tracker software and the legendary Roland MC-505 groovebox. Häkkinen released his first self-made CDR demo, titled "Juotsen Kutsu" in 2001 under the artist name 'Espoon happo ja luomu'. Mainly created with the MC-505, Juotsen Kutsu had songs ranging from the combination of psy-trance, breakbeat and electro into ambient downtempo. Distributed also on the Internet, the cross-genre promo release caught the attention of many.

Häkkinen then changed his artist name into Luomuhappo, which roughly translated means 'organic acid' in Finnish. In 2002 he released another promotional CDR, the tracker-made "Eurogorilla 2002 Transmutation Kit". On this second CDR release were also included two of Luomuhappo's remixes of Finnish underground psy-trance artists, Huopatossu Mononen and Omituisten Otusten Kerho (O.O.K.). Luomuhappo's Eurogorilla 2002 Transmutation Kit was also the first release under Freakdance Records label name and the album has later become somewhat a cult classic and a true collector's item due to the ridiculously small print of about 50 copies.

The unique sounds that formed the musical identity of Luomuhappo on Eurogorilla 2002 Transmutation Kit gained Häkkinen a steadily growing fan base of weird music-loving freaks all around the world, thanks to the age of Internet and MP3's. Some might describe Luomuhappo's psy-trance/breakbeat/jungle tracks as "The Prodigy vs. Finnish Schizo-Disco on a nearly lethal dose of mushrooms" whereas his mellow downtempo tracks are equally as blissful in their timelessness and serenity.


Continuing where he left off in 2002 with his previous release, Luomuhappo has surely used his Eurogorilla 2002 Transmutation Kit to metamorphose into the brand new Pog-o-matic Pogómen 3000000 (patent pending). His track and album names might be getting constantly weirder, but it has to be admitted that the unique sound of Luomuhappo has now truly evolved to the next level of terrestial consciousness.

The aural range of this album varies from the wild, over 150BPM-paced breakbeat psy-jungle-trance-full power-psychedelia to synthesizzling dub and shamanistic ambient themes at the end of the album. Briefly said with no extra pompousness included: Pog-o-matic Pogómen 3000000 is an electronic round-trip through all the different moods of a human existence. It is the culmination point where the echoes of our ancient ancestors' songs blend perfectly with the present - and the far future as well.


"All in all, a staggering release – and with the half-dancefloor, half-chillout makeup this album’s got some life in it. But get in there quick – these 700 will sell out, and Freakdance releases have changed hands for daft money on ebay: rightfully so." (8/10)

- Psyreviews (UK)

"These finns are well known pioneers of weird electronic dance musik. On this disc they meet their requirements as usual. A fat share of funk embedded in endless musicality with influences from lots of styles to be found here - in brisky tempo as we know from the north. Some would create three albums out of this variety of ideas. The album ends in four smooth chilling beautiful goodies. Check track 6, warranted fun!!!"

-Mushroom Magazine #116, February 05


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CD version distributed by
SuperSounds (Finland)
Saiko Sounds (Hong Kong/International)
Arabesque Distribution (UK/International)


Digital distribution by
Saiko Sounds