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20th Oct 2014
Nummiranta & Takahahmot: "Nudistiranta" CD out NOW from sub-label FreakRoots Records! webshop

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Released 16. December 2005
Format: CD + Download

Cat. nr. FDCD06
EAN/UPC: 9008798045358

Click on track links for audio preview clips

01. We Are Not Intelligent
02. Baltic Sea
03. Rightto
04. Kashahum
05. Rauma
06. Nopsakka
07. Creatures
08. Nature of Reipas Part III
09. Why does it always have to be new?
10. Midnight Valssi
11. Syntikkaihme
12. Return

"Baltic Sea" - full-length track on SoundCloud:

Kolmas Vasemmalta, Oskari Olevainen, Kayab - music
Kayab - Artwork
Zubardo - Sleeve design
Simon Polinski - mastering


Warning: THIS IS STILL NOT IN FASHION! James Reipas is hailing from Helsinki, Finland and is a group of talented young electronic musicians who could easily be considered as pioneers of Finnish psychedelic dance music. The group consists of Kolmas Vasemmalta (guitar, vocals), Oskari Olevainen (percussion, vocals) and Kayab (keyboards).

James Reipas' debut album "This Is Not In Fashion" (DMTCD08) was released on the Australian experimental trance label Demon Tea Recordings in 2001 and it received wide appraisal within the trance scene and outside it as well. They also have one song ("7 Brothers / Themes and Variations") on Exogenic Records compilation "Fusion vs. Confusion" (EXOCD06) and one track ("String Of Pearls") on Demon Tea compilation "Not My Cup Of Tea" (DMTCD07).

James Reipas has an unique style of sound, combining both electro and psychedelic dance music with recorded live instruments such as flamenco guitars, live drums and percussion, etc. This is definitely not your average soft synth music with boring presets, as the group uses mainly hardware synthesizers and equipment to create their tracks, trusting on the good old MIDI. James Reipas doesn't believe in genre limitations either and they are not ashamed to send the same message to their listeners. They have been performing extensively in Finland and their wild live performances have gained tremendous popularity. The live sets of James Reipas are more based on improvisation and free flow than sticking to the original structures of the songs.


UWAGA (Freakdance Records, FDCD06) continues the James Reipas saga from where their previous album left off. It features all the great trademarks of James Reipas music - great melodies, live instruments, songs you can both listen and dance to, songs for both day- and nighttime and everything in between. The album combines the best elements in both electronica and psychedelic dance music with a hint of rock music also. The tracks on this album have been made during the years 2002-2005. "Uwaga" also features brilliant mastering by audio engineer genius Simon Polinski (Psy-Harmonics, Australia).

Words are simply not enough to describe the music of James Reipas, since you don't need to be intelligent to learn to love it. From Finland with love, check it out for yourself.


"You won't be able to mix it with your identikit Nanoalchemysolsticespun-mega, but that's the point. Genuinely psychedelic, genuinely fresh, genuinely essential. And I had fun reviewing it." 10 out of 10
- Psyreviews (UK)

"To conclude it's quite much of a feel-good album. You'll probably be smiling to yourself a lot. There's a lot of beauty and funniness here."
- Cinos / TranceCritic.com


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